Friday, February 29, 2008

We come to bury, not to praise it.

So, is dead, it "accidentally" got shot in a mixup between Godaddy and myself.

I received an automatic renewal notice from them last month and assumed everything was kosher -- unfortunately, they were only renewing my "business registration" not my domain registration -- I don't even really understand what a business registration is... but long story short, I received an email this morning that I had "canceled" my domain name. A frustrating phone call later, I find out that someone else had bid for the domain and bought it out from under me. Godaddy said they tried to call my house and left "messages" but the only two points of contact I can find are the cancellation and the pseudo-renewal.

Anyway, if you are a blogger or website owner, please kill any links to my site, as I presume they will shortly send readers to a spam site, porno site or a porno spam site. You could send people to the blogger site,, but I don't think I'll be updating that site beyond today as the domain name was the name of the blog, etc, etc. Feel free to simply delete the link.

Also, if you ever used the emails for me or any other contributors, switch to their regular email, as those will no longer work.

Too bad I don't understand how the internets work but (for the best in Russian Spyware!)

I may decide to blog under a completely different domain name and rework the concept, as I basically got to the point of reviewing one record a month... if that.


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