Monday, February 11, 2008

Da' Grammys

Soy BEST!The Police reunited at the 2007 Grammys... that is the most current piece of knowledge I have about the Grammys. I didn't watch them and I could care less about the awards.

First off, it's not like they were ever good. Look over the last 50 years and try to find all the Grammys won by major artists and you'll find things like Elvis's sole win for a gospel album and a laundry list of meaningless awards for the Beatles, punctuated by a best new artist (Petula Clark was ROBBED) and one album of the year award.

Best New ArtistThe Grammys have always been outdated and now their format doesn't even make sense -- all the stupid categories based on the dewy decimal category filing system of record stores which no longer exist.

The best thing they could is shorten it to a couple of categories more in the vein of the Oscars.

Song. Album. Producer. Female Artist. Male Artist. Group. Best New Artist.

Do you need anything more than that?

Last Night's Grammys ShowThe Oscars don't have a category for adolescent comedies to insure that Will Farrell wins an award every year, why shouldn't we pit a country album versus a rock album versus a hip hop album? The Oscars on the other hand force you to ask REAL questions like is Tom Hanks portrayal of a retard as award worthy as Dustin Hoffman's portrayal of a retard?

The Grammys could do this too -- make the old Grammy voters choose between Kayne, Toby Keith and Tony Bennett -- expose how lame they are and improve the chance that Kayne really gets snubbed instead of letting him have a half dozen trophies.

The Oscars nominate middle of the road stuff like Titanic and sometimes they win. But years where Dances with Wolves beats Goodfellas end up looking pretty stupid in retrospect; as opposed to the Grammys where nearly every year is an embarrassment.



Anonymous dmJr said...

hey david byrne! stop making sense.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Yale Bloor said...

The Grammys should have a category for most torrents or downloads of an artist, also > Soy Bomb looks like Peabs if he went to the gym instead of hanging with the Cos......just a thought!

2:54 PM  

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