Monday, July 02, 2007

July 3 Notable Releases

A few of the 1,176 new and re-released records coming out this week.

Various Artists -- Transformers: The Movie. Michael Bay has terrible taste in music... this should not surprise you if you are familiar with his taste in cinema or have sight and/or hearing.

Velvet Revolver --
Libertad. Guns N' Weiland cover ELO. Your move Axl. May we suggest re-hiring and then firing Buckethead? Dude, try trumping Buckethead. He wears a bucket on his HEAD -- that's fucking commitment to a premise.

Queensryche -- Mindcrime at the Moore. Queensryche is like the Chubby Checker of progressive '80's hair metal. You keep touring, you release new material, but basically, every effort boils down to some dude in the front row yelling, "Play 'the Twist' fatty!" How many times can you yell, "Are you ready to get Lucid Boca Raton?" before you kill yourself?

Chemical Brothers -- We Are the Night. Midlake appearance on the "Pills Won't Help You Now" gives the Chemicals their requisite brit rock collaboration on their requisite drug reference song -- twofer stizz.



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