Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Name Your Price Again

The thoroughly average Paste Magazine is offering a year's subscription at... you guessed it any price you want to pay... as long as its more than a $1. You'd be hard pressed to find an industry that's worse off than the music biz... and then you remember the print pubs that cover the music biz.

Hey, who buys ads in a music magazine targeted to 18-34 year-olds who stopped buying magazines like this 5 years ago?

Oh, music companies do?

Oh, yeah... yer fucked.

You pay via credit card, so it's unclear to me if this is one of those 'AOL taking your Visa hostage in perpetuity' situations. But I guess you could cancel the card if worse came to worse... you know just like that time you couldn't figure out how to cancel the trial subscription to dudes.com and had to tell Master Card you lost your card to avoid the $39.95 monthly charge.

You're saying that didn't happen?

Oh, of course... we totally believe you... minus the lies about the internet porn of course.

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