Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 16 Notable Releases

Jimmy Eat World --
Chase This Light. I've seen some promos for this album calling Jimmy Eat World a lasting icon of rock. WHA? At most I'd give them credit for popularizing the term EMO, otherwise we'd still be calling them whiny-version-of-Weezer-Rock. Side note, did anyone notice that Amazon sells digital downloads for $0.10 less than iTunes? That's only $0.89 more than anyone should pay for a Jimmy Eat World song!

R.E.M. -- R.E.M. Live 2CD/1DVD. This album is a great example of the state of major labels. Live albums have always been a tactic bands have used to hasten the close out of lengthy record deals. Recall that in 1996 R.E.M. signed a 5 album $80 million deal -- something a bands like this aren't likely to see again without getting into shares of tickets, merchandise and publishing. But this is also the kind of tepid stop gap solution the majors are using to stem declining sales. Repackage popular songs, usually with a DVD because so far, those have been more difficult to pirate online on a massive scale.

Toby Keith -- A Classic Christmas. Toby's first Christmas album in 12-years is a double album!! (why you make us wait so long TK?) Surprisingly, it doesn't include the ignorant asshole favorites, "Why Jews? Why?" or "I Can't Afford Gifts for My Kids on $11.50 an hour so I all I Want for Christmas is For Dubya to Keep the Queers from Getting Hitched." Happy two weeks before Halloween Y'all!



Anonymous Jason said...

What's up? I followed your comment from IG Blog.

That's a good comparison to Jimmy Eat World, a whiny Weezer. You're right. Now that I think about it, JEW (hmmm, no anti-semitics intended) is just like Weezer.

But what I like about bands like these in the mainstream, although I'm not into Jimmy Eat World or anything, is that they actually try to create real vocal melodies unlike a ton of other Alternative singers out there with their three-note melodies all throughout.

3:26 PM  

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