Monday, February 12, 2007

February 13 Notable Releases

Lucinda Williams -- West. New Material from one of America's most respected singer-songwriters.

The Doobie Brothers -- Very Best Of. Like many of the boomer FM hit makers the Doobies have once again repacked their material so that it demands a better price premium (i.e. not a super saver) and gets better placement and push at retail. It does bare noting that this 2 disc package is "remastered"... slow down there Michael McDonald, the compact disc has only been around since 1982, why not wait 24 years to get a decent digital mix of "China Grove"? It also gives me an excuse to link to this, cause it's so effing smooth!

Sting and Edin Karamazov -- The Journey & The Labyrinth: The Music of John Dowland. You know it's a slow week for new releases when I get exited to find a release of a live album and DVD of a PBS special that features the Stinger playing the lute compositions of a guy who died in 1626; because it gives me something to link to. It's not even new material, it's a live album of the same lute music he released before, but without all the digital editing and effects that pollute so many of the classical lute studio recordings that come out these days.

Various Artists -- Hills: The Soundtrack. From the people who brought you Laguna Beach: The Soundtrack, more crap. However, I should note that this is a great place to get tracks from artists like Pink, Good Charlotte, Augustana and Lindsay Lohan, who are otherwise terribly difficult to find in our pop-star hating mass media.



Blogger SeƱor Garo said...

So when's someone going to cash in on this newfound craze and start doing 'lute tributes' to modern pop icons like Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte?

12:35 PM  
Blogger Gorilla said...

It's called Kidz Bop

8:58 PM  

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