Monday, May 14, 2007

May 15 Notable Releases

A few of the 1,425 new and re-released albums coming out this week.

Rufus Wainwright -- Release the Stars. His last album, Want Two was, how do we say this, a tad gay even for Rufus (or even Gay Tad) and it challenged the substantial straight audience he's built up over his career to deal with the most flaming parts of his persona. Back after a couple year break from recording expectations for the pop prince remain high.

Wilco -- Sky Blue Sky. Tweedy and company are continuing their long, strange trip that increasingly is resembling "the" long, strange trips of the Band and The Dead (minus the 30 odd years of heroin use). Special editions and memos to fans to encourage actual purchase show Wilco's very genuine struggle with their business model -- on one hand they're openly giving or at least allowing the free distribution of their music, on the other they're pleading with fans to buy a "hard copy" of the album. I think the model still needs a little tweaking.

Dungen -- Tio Bitar. The fourth album from the Swedish psychedelics, ya' dig Sven?

Beatlejazz -- All You Need. What happens when you get a beatle a little too excited?

Megadeth -- United Abominations. Hello Dave, it's Dave again [shred, politics, shred]. This man just yawned.



Blogger Mike said...

Isn't Megadeth's drummer the son of a former GPN geography teacher?

5:31 AM  
Blogger Gorilla said...

I have heard this rumor before... I think it was Herm Wang's son?

Unsurprisingly, they've had more drummers than Spinal Tap, none of which were named Wang, but nearly all of which had stupid names that could be stage names.

In other words, I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors.

However, Meg White, Mark Tremonti from Creed and Gregg Alexander of the New Radicals all attended Grosse Pointe North from the late 80's to early '90's(obvs you knew that) -- I've often thought they could form the worst power trio ever. I'd name them, Holy Fuck... Holy Fuck.

Short for, "Holy Fuck, can you believe the dude from Creed Meg White and the guy who did 'You Get What You Give' and produced the Spice Girls solo albums are in a fucking band together...Holy Fuck."

8:34 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

I actually had no idea the Creed taint extended to GP. Time to go burn my copies of "Valahlla".

10:44 PM  
Blogger Gorilla said...

That's a huge taint.



10:50 AM  

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