Monday, November 05, 2007

November 6 Notable Releases

Jay Z --
American Gangster [EXPLICIT]. Taking a page out of the "I'll smack you in the mouth I'm Neil Diamond" playbook, the retired hip hop mogul gives us an album of jams inspired by the new Denzel Washington pic. TURN ON YOUR HEART LIGHT!!!!

Sigur Rós --
Hvarf/Heim. The most popular item on Icelandic Coney Island menus, the Hvarf (a sheep's bladder stuffed with live smelt) is typically served with a side of Heim (more smelt). Most tourist would do well to ask if the traditional Sigur Rós (bulls eyes cooked on a volcanic steam vent) accompaniment could be served on the side rather than squeezed into the patron's open mouth by a ritualistically crippled busboy. (ed note: Most of this information taken from Wikipedia)

Rick Springfield -- Christmas With You. If you don't let Rick stay with you it's just another Noel at the Motel 6 with the three wise men, Jack, Jim and Johnny explaining to the ice machine why he could "never find a woman like that."



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