Monday, February 19, 2007

February 20 Notable Releases

Aqueduct -- Or Give Me Death. New material from the one-man Barsuk band.

Jill Cunniff -- City Beach. Arguably the brains behind easily the third or fourth best chick band of the '90's, Luscious Jackson (but number one in our hearts), Jill's new record gives her a break from her new day job producing music for kids shows and cartoons. If you still can't remember her, she's not the cute one and she's not the one that was in the Beastie Boys.

Trans Am -- Sex Change. D.C. electro-rock deconstructionists/satirists went to New Zealand and ended up recording this album. 'Nuff said.

The Kidz Bop Kidz -- Kidz Bop 11. Come Tuesday, Kids everywhere will be grovin' in their mini-van booster seats as the Kidz sing slightly reworked hits about sex, adultery and mental illness/suicide. Maybe they're "Crazy"? Probably.

Calla -- Strength in Numbers. If you believe the critics, indie-pop comes in only a couple of flavors. Ethereal. Blistering. And jagged. Calla is jagged.



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