Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29 Notable Releases

A few of the 2,239 new and re-released albums coming out this week.

R Kelly -- Double Up. When he's not gettin' freaky wit da under-aged crowd, the clearly insane Kelly packs in more cameos than a sweeps edition of Different Strokes (Nancy Reagan AND Mr. T?!?) After, Snoop, Kid Rock, Ludacris (now your speakin' my language Luda), Usher, Chamillionaire, Nelly, T.I. and many many more, the only question is, "does R Kelly appear on this R Kelly release?"

Perry Farrell's Satellite Party -- Ultra Payloaded. Speaking of cameos, we'd expect to see Flea on a Farrell release, wince at the tired notion of buttafaced Fergie, and raise an eyebrow for a duet with the dead Jim Morrison (OR IS HE?!?) Also features two covers, one from the Bee Gees and one from East Lansing's own Rare Earth (think of them as a funky, R&B Verve Pipe from the boomer generation or if you rather, the honkies on Motown.)

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum -- In Glorious Times. Gorilla is neither sleepy nor a museum, discuss amongst yourselves. (OR AM I!?!)

Various Artists -- The Transformers: The Movie. Not the soundtrack to the upcoming Bay-tastic and likely Bay-diculous Bay-tastophe, but the re-released OST featuring Sam Bush's "The Touch" which is almost as good as the Dirk Diggler version (!?!)



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