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Great Lakes Myth Society -- Compass Rose Bouquet

Check my flo.

While we lack the empirical evidence improved measurements of background microwave radiation and dark matter may one day provide to prove or disprove their actual existence -- there are interpretations of quantum physics that allow for alternate universes to exist in parallel to our own.Basically a paycheck, right Spock, you were in search of some bread

Under the rather conservative, if not controversial interpretation of Hugh Everett III, all these alternate universes are identical, but exist in different states.

But enough of that cosmological fiddle faddle we all learned in our level training at the genius academy (Oh, sorry... didn't realize YOU didn't attend the genius academy like some of us) and peep this shit, cause it'll blow your whole tautology broseph.

Great Lakes Myth Society prove the existence of alternate planes of reality.

They come from a universe identical to our own, but one that is in a different state.

Over there, The Kingston Trio blew up on Sullivan, instead of tIt is like math and shit, you wouldn't understandhe Beatles and pursued studio based innovation at the end of the '60's that in many ways remains unparalleled. The Beatles, still exist there mind you and their skiffle records are tasty if you can find them in a used record shop. Fairport Convention, not Led Zeppelin roared out of England and defined much of the pop culture landscape of the 1970's, red snappers and all. The '80's saw the rise of a hungry Irish band that remains among the most popular across the globe, The Pouges. Some say U2 would have been big too if they had ever embraced the folk-pop and left the rock behind... also, if Bono hadn't been such a raging alcoholic and married the Edge's mom, perhaps the disastrous club tour Zoo TV, with that stupid 27" Zenith could have been avoidIt ain't me babe, oh wait, ah, yes, yes it is in fact meed.

Dylan is still Dylan, obvs.

In their home state of reality, Great Lakes Myth Society dictated the terms of their major label contract and the most talented Coppola relatives fought over who would direct their videos (would you believe Nick Cage won?) Their NME cover issue came shrink wrapped with a limited edition Edison Wax Cylinder of explosion sounds, entitled, "Boom. Did you hear that? GLMS just blew your mind."

Back here in my world, GLMS is celebrating the release of Compass Rose Bouquet with a June 9 cd release party at the Stick. It's solid sophmore album of folky-pop that shimmers with creative anachronism and poetic narrative. To the band's considerable credit, the album not only survives, but rather thrives on the contributions of three separate songwriters -- often a recipe for disaster. While the tone may shift and the tenors each take their turn at the helm Compass Rose Bouquet can be called nothing if not consistent and surprising.

Great Lakes Myth SocietyThe whole album, though clearly not eschewing modern synthesizers and electronic flourishes is largely arranged with traditional instruments and it is tempting to want to impose a completely acoustic framework on songs drenched in hot running nostalgia and cold historical regrets. But the Great Lakes cannot be bound by the preconceived notions of long dead record store bins and so they've wrapped their music in a completely modern production aesthetic. While I suspect the smoke and beer of the club circuit will continue to provide considerable more grit to the GLMS live sets than is on display here, the modern sheen on an album so rooted in the past was bold and throughly successful choice.

In short, pick up Compass Rose Bouquet and be sure to check out Great Lakes Myth Society as they tour through a reality near you.

Rating: 4/5


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Blogger Dmitri Jr. said...

AHHHH!! I'm trapped under all the science you just!

5:58 PM  
Blogger Gorilla said...

Word to your moms.

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Yale Bloor said...

But can you dance to it? Great review, rambling, thought provoking and left a bad taste in my brain what more could I ask for........

8:55 AM  
Blogger Gorilla said...

If you can dance, you could dance to this.

But Dr. will I be able to play the violin?

3:29 PM  

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