Friday, March 02, 2007

March 6 Notable Releases

A few of the 1,505 new and re-released albums coming out this week.

Arcade Fire -- Neon Bible. So maybe you heard, Arcade Fire breaks guitars. But don't worry, their guitars are made from leftover Henry 8th ottomans and strung with turn of the century cat gut dental floss. So no big loss.

Air -- Pocket Symphony. I hope Air can take it down a notch on this album, they're just so frickin' intense all the time! MELLOW OUT YA' FRENCH FUCKERS!

Albert Hammond Jr. -- Yours to Keep. Bet you didn't realize this album wasn't out yet in the US yet. Bet you thought it came out months ago, bet you've heard it several times... not so much thieves. P.S. The Guy has sweet suits.

Son Volt -- Search. Remember when Wilco was going to suck and these guys were going to save American music... the '90's were crazy right? Huh? Right?

The Stooges -- Weirdness. I Saw Iggy last year at the Raconteurs' show... yeah you heard me... I SAW HIM. He's about 5'4", but you knew that. He also goes to a sold out rock show in his home town in leather pants, sans shirt, because nobody in Ann Arbor would recognize the Igg-ster if he followed the no shirt no service rule. I mean there's a certain commitment to the public persona thing ya' gotta admire, but I almost expected him to whip out the Skippy just in case anyone was unclear who he was. Mike Watt's on the album and in the band, so that's pretty cool.


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